FCP-2 problem

Neil T. Wanamaker ntw at crossroads.com
Wed Jun 14 12:07:23 PDT 2000

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At 12:56 PM 6/14/00 -0500, Neil T. Wanamaker wrote:

>Prior to FCP-2, the initiator correctly understood that when the target 
>sent the response, he had completed the exchange, and so when the 
>initiator received the response and released its resources (including 
>OX_ID), that exchange was known to be complete by both parties. Reuse of 
>the OX_ID was perfectly OK, since a new frame with that OX_ID 
>unambiguously belonged to the original exchange.

Clumsy fingers not operating in sync with brain... the last sentence should 
read "...unambiguously belongs to the new exchange"..

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