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> I will not be able to be at the SDV working group and will 
> not be able to review the draft before that session. But
> the abstract below does not sound at all like what I 
> thought the project was set out to do:
> <<This technical report describes SCSI configurations that 
> may be achieved within the context of the specifications
> in the SCSI-2, SCSI-3 SPI, SCSI-3 Fast-20, and SPI-3
> standards. These configurations have one or more ...
> I object to the project if that is what it is going to do. We 
> do not need anti-standard technical reports. Hopefully I do 
> not understand the abstract.

That's the abstract from EPI.  I agree it needs to be completely 
rewritten for SDV.

While on the topic of SDV, here's where I see the SDV content going:

a) Move expander communication mechanism(s) (the multibit selection
method and the "out-of-band" method) into SPI-4.  This will help ensure 
that SPI-4 initiators are capable of doing such communication.  If
they remain buried in another document, they're more likely to
be missed.

At a minimum, software control of the SCSI lines will be needed.  
The multibit selection method can probably be automated by the
standard hardware, provided the multibit "target" IDs are supported 
and broadcast timeout handling is added.

b) Move the multibit selection method expander SCSI commands into a
full-fledged Expander Command Set.  

c) Leave the domain validation algorithm discussions in the SDV
technical report.  This would focus on what the different levels
of domain  validation mean, discuss how to handle multiple
initiators correctly, and provide other advice on how to use the
tools in a) and b).

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