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I will not be able to be at the SDV working group and will not be able to
review the draft before that session. But the abstract below does not sound
at all like what I thought the project was set out to do:

<<This technical report describes SCSI configurations that may be achieved
within the context of the specifications in the SCSI-2, SCSI-3 SPI, SCSI-3
Fast-20, and SPI-3 standards. These configurations have one or more
configuration parameters expanded beyond that documented in the standard
documents and may require special components, special restrictions, or an
interpretation of the underlying technical reasons for parameters specified
in the standards. This technical report describes the considerations that
can lead to effective implementations of special components but does not
describe the detailed design of any component. The information in this
technical report does not supersede any requirements in the referenced

I object to the project if that is what it is going to do. We do not need
anti-standard technical reports. Hopefully I do not understand the


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