Draft Minutes of T10 Plenary meeting #38 - July 13, 2000

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Okay, I'll revise the rev 2 minutes to include your words.


At 11:30 AM 7/29/2000, Edward A. Gardner wrote:
> >8.17 SCSI VI Protocol (SVP) {Project 1415-D} [Gardner]
> >
> >Ed Gardner reported on the SVP work and activities related to SVP in the
> >CAP working group (minutes in 00-250).  Bill Ham asked if it made any sense
> >to run SVP over FC-VI and was told that the only anticipated used of that
> >configuration would be for testing either an SVP or an FC-VI
>John, I'd like just a little more context to my answer above, suggested
>words below.  I think I said words to this affect at the meeting, but I
>freely admit I don't recall my exact words.  The distinction I care about is
>that this is a marketing question, not a technical or protocol development
>Bill Ham asked if it made any sense to run SVP over FC-VI.  Ed responded
>that this was fundamentally a marketing question, not related to the
>technical development or specification of SVP.  However, the prior existence
>of FCP and its installed base of devices would probably relegate use of SVP
>over FC-VI to testing, product prototype or niche applications.
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