Kamakaze mode for packetized

Gene_Milligan at seagate.com Gene_Milligan at seagate.com
Mon Jul 31 09:30:55 PDT 2000

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With the smoke and mirrors I think the wrong target was hit.

SPI-4 rev 0 history states:
     <<c) Made data group transfers prohibited on paced data transfers per
plenary vote.>>

The definition of data group in SPI-4 is:

     <<3.1.18 data group: A sequence of data bytes, any pad bytes, and the
four pCRC bytes during a DT DATA
IN phase or a DT DATA OUT phase.>>

          Packetized has a sequence of data bytes, any pad bytes, and uses
the four byte CRC during DT DATA IN and DT DATA OUT phase. Was the kamikaze
using a boomerang? Did it hit the wrong target as well?


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