Draft Minutes of T10 Plenary meeting #38 - July 13, 2000

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>8.17 SCSI VI Protocol (SVP) {Project 1415-D} [Gardner]
>Ed Gardner reported on the SVP work and activities related to SVP in the
>CAP working group (minutes in 00-250).  Bill Ham asked if it made any sense
>to run SVP over FC-VI and was told that the only anticipated used of that
>configuration would be for testing either an SVP or an FC-VI

John, I'd like just a little more context to my answer above, suggested
words below.  I think I said words to this affect at the meeting, but I
freely admit I don't recall my exact words.  The distinction I care about is
that this is a marketing question, not a technical or protocol development

Bill Ham asked if it made any sense to run SVP over FC-VI.  Ed responded
that this was fundamentally a marketing question, not related to the
technical development or specification of SVP.  However, the prior existence
of FCP and its installed base of devices would probably relegate use of SVP
over FC-VI to testing, product prototype or niche applications.

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