Minutes of OSD Ad Hoc Meeting 7/13/2000

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                                         Doc. No.: T10/00-296r0
                                         Date:     July 13, 2000 7:41 pm
                                         Reply to: Gene Milligan

   To:       T10 Membership
   From:     Ralph Weber & Gene Milligan
   Subject:  OSD Ad Hoc Meeting -- July 13, 2000
             Colorado Springs, CO


   1.   Opening Remarks
   2.   Approval of Agenda
   3.   Attendance and room nights
   4.   Document Distribution
   5.   Object-based Storage Devices Commands (OSD) {Project 1355-D}
     5.1 Suggested changes to OSD model in OSD-r01 (00-262r0) [Hafner]
     5.2 Draft review
     5.3 Preliminary schedule
   6.   New Business
   7.   Liaison Reports
     7.1 SNIA
   8.   Call for Patents
   9.   Open Issues List Summary
   10.  Review of Action Items
   11.  Meeting Schedule
   12.  Adjournment

                              Results of Meeting

   Opening Remarks

   Gene Milligan called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m., Tuesday July 11,
   2000. He thanked John Lohmeyer of LSI Logic for hosting the meeting and
   Ralph Weber for taking the minutes.

   As is customary, the people attending introduced themselves and a copy
   of the attendance list was circulated.

   Approval of Agenda

   The draft agenda was approved as distributed.

   Attendance and room nights

   Attendance at working group meetings does not count toward minimum
   attendance requirements for T10 member-ship. Working group meetings are
   open to any person or organization directly and materially affected by
   T10's scope of work. The following people attended the meeting:

            Name                         S        Organization
                Electronic Mail Address
   ----------------------                 -- -------------------------
   Mr. Ron Roberts                       A  Adaptec, Inc.
           Ron_Roberts at adaptec.com
   Mr. Bill Galloway                     P  BREA Technologies, Inc.
           billg at breatech.com
   Mr. Robert C. Elliott                 P  Compaq Computer Corp.
           Rob_Elliott at compuserve.com
   Mr. Keith W. Parker                   V  Diogenes SCSI
           diogenes at europa.com
   Mr. Ralph O. Weber                    A  ENDL Texas
           roweber at acm.org
   Mr. Nathan Hastad                     P  General Dynamics
           nathan.j.hastad at gd-is.com
   Mr. George O. Penokie                 P  IBM Corp.
           gop at us.ibm.com
   Dr. Jim Hafner                        V  IBM Corp.
           hafner at almaden.ibm.com
   Mr. Tim Bradshaw                      P  Iomega Corp.
           bradshat at iomega.com
   Mr. John Lohmeyer                     P  LSI Logic Corp.
           lohmeyer at t10.org
   Mr. Richard Golding                   V  Panasas
           golding at panasas.com
   Mr. Mark Evans                        P  Quantum Corp.
           mark.evans at quantum.com
   Mr. Gene Milligan                     P  Seagate Technology
           Gene_Milligan at notes.seagate.com

   13 People Present

   Status Key:            P    -  Principal
                          A,A# -  Alternate
                          O    -  Observer
                          L    -  Liaison
                          V    -  Visitor

   Document Distribution

   Gene Milligan made the files to be discussed at the meeting available on
   a floppy disk.

   Object-based Storage Devices Commands (OSD) {Project 1355-D}

   Suggested changes to OSD model in OSD-r01 (00-262r0) [Hafner]

   Jim Hafner presented the issues raised in 00-262r0. The group reviewed
   the Dave Anderson responses (00-295r0) to Jim's issues.

   Draft review

   The group agreed to defer reviewing the draft to a future meeting. Gene
   agreed to consider making a new revision of the draft based on
   agreements between Jim and Dave.

   Preliminary schedule

   The group discussed how to define the schedule for the OSD project. It
   was suggested that security be omitted from the project in order to have
   a shorter schedule. Jim Hafner and Richard Golding discussed what should
   be in this project. Richard agreed to provide a list later on the

   New Business

   No new business was brought before the group.

   Liaison Reports


   Gene had no new liaison report information from SNIA.

   Call for Patents

   This is a regular agenda item to identify any potential patent issues
   with developing standards and technical reports.

   A document is available from ANSI, "Procedures for the Development and
   Coordination of American National Standards", at no charge. This
   document is also on the WWW at http://www.ncits.org/help/ansi_sdo.html.
   Section1.2.11 contains the ANSI patent policy. Amy Marasco manages
   patent issues for ANSI and can be contacted at amarasco at ansi.org or
   212-642-4954. Gene Milligan has prepared a useful "Handy dandy Technical
   Committee's Patents Guide", which is available at

   Gene Milligan asked if anyone, who knows of patents required to comply
   with the requirements of the OSD draft make them known to T10 and if
   their organization is the owner, offer to license them in accordance
   with the ANSI patent policy. There were no responses to the call.

   Open Issues List Summary

   Gene noted that no open issues to be enumerated were established at this

   Review of Action Items

   Gene and Ralph stated that no action items were assigned at this

   Meeting Schedule

   The next meeting of the OSD Working Group will be Thursday September 14,
   2000 commencing 1 hour after the T10 plenary adjourns in Huntington
   Beach, CA.


   The meeting was adjourned upon completion of the agenda items.

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