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At 08:10 PM 7/19/00, Ralph Weber wrote:

>Is there a P1394.1?  It may be that I've gotten .a and .1 confused.

Yes, IEEE P1394.1 concerns "bridges" that connect separate Serial Bus 
domains. I put "bridges" in quotes because the word means so many different 
things to so many different people. The working group is active and expects 
to forward a draft standard to the IEEE for ballot no later than March 31, 
2001. That's what our revised PAR says; we are confidently aiming for 
completion this year, with a little time left in the first quarter of 2001 
to permit final editorial review prior to ballot.

P1394.1 is potentially of interest to the T10 membership because SBP-2, as 
currently specified, will not operate across bridges. In this respect SBP-2 
is no different from any other contemporary application protocol for 1394: 
not a one of them will operate across bridges without some modification. We 
are approaching the time in which consideration ought to be given to a new 
T10 project to extend Serial Bus Protocol.

The reflector for IEEE P1394.1 discussions is STDS-1394-1 at IEEE.org; it's 
managed by a list server.


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