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MMC 3 WG 11 July 2000

Bill McFerrin opened the meeting at 9AM.  We quickly reviewed the agenda and 

We thank LSI Logic for sponsoring this T10 Meeting week .
Hosted by: LSI Logic

    1.0 Opening Remarks
        This meeting has been authorized by NCITS T10 and will be conducted 
under the 
        NCITS rules.  Ad hoc meetings take no final actions, but prepare 
        recommendations for approval by the NCITS task group.  The voting 
rules for 
        the meeting are those of the parent committee, NCITS T10.  For the ad 
        other than straw votes, the voting rules are: one vote per 

        The minutes of this meeting will be posted to the T10 reflector, the 
        Reflector, and will be included in the next T10 committee mailing. 
        at a working group meeting does not count toward minimum attendance 
        requirements for T10 membership.  Working group meetings are open to 
        person or company to attend and to express their opinion on the 
        being discussed.  
    2.0     Introductions 

        Present were:
        Mark Green, Adaptec
        Emily Hill, Microsoft
        Henry Gabrielski, Microsoft
        Masaetsu Takahashi, Ricoh
        Masaaki Nakagawa, Ricoh
        Tim Bradshaw, IOMEGA
        Keijii Katata, Pioneer
        Kohda, Pioneer
        Norichika Mine, Sony
        Satoshi Kitani, Sony
        Dennis Pak, Sony
        Joe Maciel, Sony

    3.0      Document Distribution 

    4.0      Call for Patents 

    5.0      Approval of Agenda 

    6.0 New Business
        6.1  New CD-RW recording technology presentation by Ricoh.
            MMC command change proposals follow.
            Katata-san, Pioneer, wants some changes in accordance with 
obsolesence of Mode page 2A and 
            Set CD Speed Command.  Tabled for Tuesday session for further 
discussion on Wednesday.

            Set CD Speed Command shall be removed from obsolete status.  The 
Ricoh proposal for Set CD
            Speed Command from Ricoh shall be adopted.

            We hope to be able to leave Mode Page 2A unchanged and use a new 
version of the Get Performance
            Command for more comprehensive speed reporting.

            Katata-san, Pioneer, has made a proposal for including new CD 
needs.  After some discussion,
            changes were identified.  Soon he will send a new proposal to the 
MMC reflector.  To discuss at
            next Tuesday July 25 & 26, Microsoft Building 42 room 3600 (Barco 
room) and Building 43 room 4200.

            Bill McFerrin to provide an agenda item for Henry Gabrielski to 
discuss write buffer overrun

            6.2 New CD technology presentation by Sony.
            MMC command change 
                proposals follow.
            Model, profiles & features were presented.
            Several typographical errors and other small errors were noted 
during the review.
            There was much discussion on features and profiles mirroring vs 
not mirroring CD.

            Sony will post corrections and other changes to the MMC reflector.

        6.3 Proposal: Obsolete Analog Audio Play Feature
            Proposed by Henry Gabrielski, Microsoft.  Katata-san, Pioneer, 
noted that the Analog Audio
            Play Feature is not required by any profile.  The proposal was 
withdrawn.  Discussion, however,
            continued.  Bill McFerrin suggested that an implementors note 
might have the best impact.  This
            was accepted.

            Bill McFerrin, Philips, will propose wording of implementors note 
to MMC reflector..

        6.4 Pioneer has requested that day 1 of the September MMC meeting be 
reserved for Mt Fuji 5 completion.

            Chair to schedule.

    7.0 Old Business 
        7.1 MMC-3 Draft Document planning & Review

            Ron Roberts to act on comments from Kohda-san, Pioneer.

    8.0 Review of Action Items 

    9.0 Future Meeting Schedule 
            September in Huntington Beach.  See for details
   10.0 Adjournment 
            MMC group adjourned at noon, Wednesday 12 July 2000.
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