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Dimiter Popoff tgi_earth at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 23 09:26:57 PST 2000

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Hi all,
perhaps 2 weeks ago I posted a question regarding terminators. I wanted
to use resistors in series with a diode each.

To all who replied - thank you. Generally, the response was
"will work sometimes". I was offered small enough terminators,
but my quantities are small and I avoid hard to find parts
as long as I have any other uncompromising solution.

As a result, I abandoned that initial idea (I guess like most
engineers I don't like semi-solutions either). With some additional
effort I managed to put 27 SOT-23 FETs and 27 0603 resistors under the
connector, all this powered by a 2.8 V regulator which can sink current.
Being somewhat cautious with the FET choice (gate/channel capacitance
is the issue here) this will work fine.

Once again thank you for the feedback.

Dimiter Popoff
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