The assignment of ASC/ASCQ code values

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Paul,  RE:

} What I was trying to say was that normative or informative
} text describing the *use* of specific ASC/ASCQs belonged in
} individual command set specs.  Is this in fact the prevailing
} philosophy on providing guidance on the use of ASCs/ASCQs?

Yes, this is the prevailing philosophy.  However, I should note
that the absence of specific wording in a command set standard
describing the use of a specific additional sense code DOES NOT
preclude the use of that additional sense code by a device having
the device type described in the aforementioned command set
standard.  The engineers designing a device are allowed to use
any already defined additional sense code that fits the conditions
in their device.  The DTLP... notations in SPC are strongly
advisory and T10 would like to be informed of uses beyond those
identified by the DTLP... notations in SPC-x, but nothing in
SPC-x makes the DTLP... notations requirements.

Returning to the comments in my original message...  Several folks
believe that, when text in a command set standard describes the use
of an additional sense code (aka ASC/ASCQ), the text must name the
additional sense code using only the text name found in the
'Description' column of the tables in SPC-x.  However, you will
find some command set standards that use the form "BEGINNING-OF-
PARTITION/MEDIUM DETECTED (00h/04h)."  I take this to be a
convenience for engineers implementing a given device, and as
such have never asked that the code values be removed.  Still,
I don't take this to be a code value assignment.  Code assignments
come into existence only after T10 approves them, and they go in

Probably, I should start asking for the addition of a statement in the
'Conventions' clause of command set standards that show the code values.
The gist of the new text would be that if a conflict is found between
the additional sense code text and the (xxh/yyh) code values, the text
applies and the code value is as shown in SPC-x.



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