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Wed Jan 12 13:25:06 PST 2000

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The BLOCK ADDRESS field of the LOCATE command can specify up to 2^32 blocks.
With the large capacity tapes becoming available (e.g., LTO and Super DLT), a
200 GB tape could exceed this number of blocks if enough of the blocks were
small.  Granted, this would be a pathological case, but it would be a perfectly
legal one.

I can't find any discussion of this issue in the T10/T11.3/SSC working group
minutes from 1999.  Has it ever been discussed?  Is there a workaround?

(I could imagine using the BT bit to implement a vendor unique interpretation of
the block address as a relative address, and then issuing multiple LOCATEs, but
that's pretty horrible and we wouldn't want to do it.)




Paul Suhler
Seagate Removable Storage Solutions

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