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Hi all,
I am replacing the SCSI bus terminators in a new revision of a product
so they will be software selectable. Because of existing board-space
constraints I cannot use one of the off-the-shelf active terminators;
I have placed a single resistor (75 Ohm OK?) with a Shottky diode
in series to it to each line. All Shottky diodes have their anodes shorted
and connected to a 3.3V source, which can be switched on/off (even
when the device is not powered and termpwr is present, it will work
according to the settings in the device).
If someone thinks this is the wrong way to do this, or if someone
knows this is the right way to do it, please let me know - I'll give
the boards to the PCB manufacturer within a few days and it is not
too late to change something, and I can certainly use an assurance
I have understood what is meant by the "active termination".

Thanks in advance,

Dimiter Popoff
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