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I thought that the idea behind the REPORT DENSITY SUPPORT
command was that no more density code assignments would
be necessary.  ???



} Howdy All,
} A proposal and request:
} Currently the SSC document contains an appendix that attempts to list
} all the tape drive density codes. It has come to my attention there is
} no uniform way to allocate a new density code, other than using the next
} available value. In other words there is no "master list".
} I would like to remove this appendix in the next revision of SSC (i.e.
} SSC-2) and maintain the table in a similar manner as ASC/ASCQ's,
} OpCodes, etc... Thus treat the table as the "master list" and maintain
} it under T10.
} Also, it would really help if all tape drives vendors would review the
} table and let me know if there are any inconsistencies/issues/errors.
} Comments?

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