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Are you proposing to include new density codes for drives like LTO, SDLT, etc.
or just to use it to document those already in the appendix?



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Subject:  SSC density code's

Howdy All,
A proposal and request:
Currently the SSC document contains an appendix that attempts to list
all the tape drive density codes. It has come to my attention there is
no uniform way to allocate a new density code, other than using the next
available value. In other words there is no "master list".
I would like to remove this appendix in the next revision of SSC (i.e.
SSC-2) and maintain the table in a similar manner as ASC/ASCQ's,
OpCodes, etc... Thus treat the table as the "master list" and maintain
it under T10.

Also, it would really help if all tape drives vendors would review the
table and let me know if there are any inconsistencies/issues/errors.

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