Joint T10/T11.3 Activity Group Action Items 16Feb2000

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Action items from the Joint T11.3/T10 Activity Working AdHoc Group  at
Huntington Beach, CA, February 16, 2000, Stewart Wyatt, HP, Secretary

New Action Items:

#1 Carl Zeitler - Update the Out-Of-Order proposal drawings in T10/00-137r0.
#2 Carl Zeitler - Determine the correct response to a lost ACK: BA_RJT or
#3 Bob Snively - End exchange cases in FC-PH does not include the class 3
case of lost FCP_CONF. Needs to be added to FC-FS. Check for other cases.
#5 Paul Suhler - SSC letter ballot comment requesting restoring the Set
Capacity command. Paul will investigate some other means of limiting the
available capacity of a large tape. 
#6 Neil Wanamker - Revise proposal defining behavior with both target and
initiator bits set in PRLI.
#7 Paul Suhler - Revise proposal for Large Block Addresses in the SSC.

Old Action Items:

#8.  Charles Binford: Proposal to notify initiators of cleared commands to
be taken to the SCSI working group. 
#9.  Bob Snively: Include revised Annex E (T11/99-340v3) in the next
revision of the FCP-2. Completed in FCP-2 revision 4. This item is still
open and the subject of a letter ballot comment.
#10.  Bill Martin: Bob Snively requests that Bill Martin review the
Out-Of-Order proposal looking for corner case problems.

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