[Fwd: Joint T10/T11.3 MARCH MTG CHANGE!!!]

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Thu Feb 24 08:38:36 PST 2000

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Both are correct...more or less.  Strictly speaking, the joint T10/T11.3
meeting ends at 1:00 p.m. and the SCSI Commands, Architecture, and Protocol
WG begins at 1:00 p.m. in the same room.  But the FCP-2 letter ballot
review will be the main topic of both meetings.

When T10 decided to hold a split SCSI CAP WG on Monday afternoon and all
day Wednesday, the FCP-2 letter ballot had not closed.  After seeing the
magnitude of the task to resolve the FCP-2 comments, the T10 officers
decided that it would be best to devote Monday afternoon to letter ballot
resolution.  Since the SCSI CAP meeting times were already approved, it was
easier to just 'adjust' the agenda order.


At 2/23/2000 06:50 PM , Matt Wakeley wrote:
>Dale and John,
>Dale sent out a message saying the joint T10/T11.3 meeting to resolve FCP-2
>letter ballots would be *ALL* day Monday March 6.
>John sent out the "Draft Agenda SCSI Commands, Architecture, & Protocol WG -
>March 6&8, 2000" that indicates:
>> 4.6      FCP-2 Letter Ballot Comments Resolution (00-150) [Snively]
>{Monday p.m.}
>Could you please resolve the differences and post the correct times?
>Matt Wakeley
>Dale LaFollette wrote:
>> Subject: Joint T10/T11.3 MARCH MTG CHANGE!!!
>> Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 12:15:26 -0700
>> From: Dale LaFollette <dale_lafollette at stortek.com>
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>> To: "Reflectors, Fibre Channel" <fc at nsco.network.com>,
>>      "Reflectors, SCSI" <t10 at t10.org>
>> *
>> * From the fc reflector, posted by:
>> * Dale LaFollette <dale_lafollette at stortek.com>
>> *
>> Hello,
>> The March Joint T10/T11.3 meeting schedule has been CHANGED!
>> It is now scheduled for Monday 3/6 from 9 am - 6 pm,
>> instead of on Tuesday.
>> Apparently there were conflicts that had to be resolved and
>> this meeting was changed.
>> I just changed my reservation at the hotel to include Sunday
>> night and they did not have a problem with it, still the group
>> rate.
>> Your Faciliator,
>> Dale L.
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