Delelegation to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25/WG 4

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Thu Feb 24 07:50:18 PST 2000

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SC: 25   N 609
Date Due to TAG Administrator: 05/15/00
Subject: Request for delegates to the 11th Plenary of JTC 1/SC 25, 2000-06-17,
and of meetings of its WGs and of PT
SOHO, 2000-06-09/17, Tromso, Norway
SC/JTC 1 Due Date: 05/17/00 >>

     Since the due date from SC 25 is actually near the end of March rather than
in the notice above, T10 need to authorize the delegation at the March meeting.
T11 has approved Kumar Malavalli and Gene Milligan as their delegation with Gene
Milligan as head of delegation. T11 also authorized T10 to decide on any
additional T11 volunteers for the delegation.

     If you want to be considered for the delegation and are a principal member
of T10 or T11, please seek management approval for volunteering and let us know
prior to the ISO/IEC agenda items at the T10 plenary meeting in March.

     The SC 25/WG 4 meeting is scheduled to begin Monday 12 March and conclude
Thursday 15 March.


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