Draft Minutes of SCSI Protocol WG - 1/12/00

Elliott, Robert (Hou) Robert.Elliott at COMPAQ.com
Tue Feb 22 15:15:30 PST 2000

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> ><< The group agreed that Tom Coughlan should be
> >notified of plans to leave READ LONG and WRITE LONG out of 99-259.>>
> >
> >     I did not agree with that. I agreed that he should be 
> contacted but if a
> >remedy is needed I think it should be by adding a service 
> action to the
> variable
> >length CDB. This can be inferred from the next statement in 
> the minutes.
> I am having a hard time understanding what it is that you 
> object to in the
> minutes.  Are you concerned that the first sentence implies 
> that we might
> leave READ LONG and WRITE LONG in the 16-byte CDBs if Tom 
> objects?  I think
> the second sentence is clear that the group preferred to use a
> variable-length CDB in this case.  If you can suggest 
> clearing wording,
> I'll be glad to revise the minutes.

Compaq plans to continue using READ LONG and WRITE LONG in their >2 TB
incarnations, and have no problems if they are provided via variable-length

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