SET CAPACITY Command Does Not Exist

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Mon Feb 21 12:19:27 PST 2000

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The SET CAPACITY command, opcode 1Fh, was removed from draft 14 of SSC over a
year ago.  There is one technical public review comment against SSC to reinstate
it.  I've been asked to prepare the response to this comment and would like
input from the community, both drive vendors and application vendors.

1.  Have you implemented or do you plan to implement SET CAPACITY?

2.  What would be the impact of changing the opcode from 1Fh to 92h (and thus
going to a 16-byte CDB)?  (Ralph Weber has requested this because 1Fh is the
only 6-byte opcode that is unused.)

3.  Could you use MODE SELECT to achieve the same functionality if SET CAPACITY
were not available?

Please respond either dirctly to me or to the list.


Paul Suhler
Seagate Removable Storage Systems
Costa Mesa, California

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