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Sorry for the delay on this announce
Zane Daggett
VP Sales & Marketing
Hitachi Cable Manchester, Inc.
603-669-4347 x 236
801-383-9074 efax
 February 16, 2000

Hitachi Cable Manchester, Inc. (HCM) will be hosting a meeting for SPIP and
SSM on Tuesday, February 29, 2000 in Manchester N. H.



February 29th and March 1st 2000

Hosted by:			Hitachi Cable Manchester, Inc. (HCM)

Location:			Holiday Inn "The Center of NH"
				700 Elm Street
				Manchester NH  03101
				Telephone #:		(603)-625-1000
				FAX #:		(603)-625-4595

Room Rate:			Approximately $115.00 per night

Group Name:			Hitachi Cable

Host Contact:			Zane Daggett
Telephone #:  (603)-669-4347 Extension 236
Email: zdaggett at


Claire Thompson, Sales Administrator
Telephone#:  (603)-669-4347 Extension 244
Email:  cthompson at

Directions to the Holiday Inn Plaza from the Manchester (MHT) Airport:

Approximate travel time:  15 Minutes.

Follow signs for exiting the aiport onto Brown Ave.  Turn right onto Brown
Ave.  At approximately 1 1/2 miles, turn left onto I-293 and 101 West (just
over the overpass).  After you cross the bridge over the Merrimack River,
turn onto I-293, take Exit 5 and turn right onto Granite Street.    The
Holiday Inn is on the left (700 Elm Street) (603)-625-000.

Directions to the Holiday Inn Plaza from Boston's Logan Airport:

Approximate travel time:  55 Minutes.

As you exit from Logan Airport, turn left (South) on 1A and go through the
Sumner Tunnel.  Do not attempt to use the Ted William's tunnel which is only
open to commercial traffic.  If traffic is light, the electric sign will
direct you to turn left (South) on 1A directly towards the Sumner Tunnel.
If traffic is heavy, the electric sign and state police will require you to
take the "alternate route" to Sumner Tunnel.  Turn right (North) on 1A, away
|from the tunnel.  Get off at the first exit and keep to the left down the
exit ramp.  At the bottom of the ramp, make a U-turn back onto 1A heading
South towards the tunnel.

Try to be patient, this really is not as difficult as it sounds.  You may be
in line with a few hundred taxis.  Just follow them around the loop.  You
should be in the left lane going into and through the Sumner Tunnel.

Upon exiting the Sumner Tunnel make a broad right and go up the highway
entrance ramp which leads to I-93 (North).  Take North all the way to New

Once in NH, bare left onto I-293 and 101 West after you cross the bridge
over the Merrimack River (approximately 1 1/2 miles) turn north on I-293.
Take Exit 5 and turn right onto Granite St.  Turn left onto Elm Street.  The
Holiday Inn Plaza is on the left (700 Elm St. (603-625-1000).

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