Draft Minutes of SCSI Protocol WG - 1/12/00

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<<At the November meeting, Gerry Houlder reported that work on the Device Locks
command will proceed toward a review of a revised proposal at the March
working group meeting.>>

     Why is this in the January meeting minutes?

<< Gene Milligan noted that his proposal (00-125, discussed in item 5.10) will
cover the XOR commands, and could be extended to cover any command not included
in 99-259.>>

     Perhaps the jet lag got me but I think I said Gerry Houlder's proposal.
This is clarified in item 5.10.

<< The group agreed that Tom Coughlan should be
notified of plans to leave READ LONG and WRITE LONG out of 99-259.>>

     I did not agree with that. I agreed that he should be contacted but if a
remedy is needed I think it should be by adding a service action to the variable
length CDB. This can be inferred from the next statement in the minutes.

<<The group agreed that it was a good idea to use the variable length CDB format
for infrequently used commands such as the XOR commands.>>

     I did not agree that they should be used only for infrequently use commands
nor that XOR commands were infrequently used. I agreed not to object to
potential early implementors that may already be working on George's proposal
for Arrays that may need the commands on the host interface earlier than disc
drives with XOR commands. Some people may have concluded the above but I do not
recall any such discussion definitely did not participate in any such agreement.

<<The group was unable to review all of the HP comments.>>

     I don't think this was a reflection on the group's ability and should be "
The group was unable to review all of the HP comments due the time required and
asked the editor to use his judgment in addressing the remaining comments."


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