Logical unit groups and optional target reset

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Hi Rob:

See my remarks below.

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> > The other issue is whether mechanisms, such as terget reset, 
> > are appropriate for a given transport.  In my view, the only 
> > immutable requirement is to preserve the transport-independant 
> > part of the semantics.  The definition of transport-specific
> > side effects is best handled in the appropriate transport
> > specification.
> The transport-independent parts are a major part of the 
> problem.  Tasks are aborted, mode pages are reset, etc. 
> unexpectedly.  Based on the rule from 99-245r9, devices 
> offering Access Controls can be set up to behave better.

For a shared device, doesn't an LU reset have similar adverse side effects
on other initiators?  This still leaves me wondering whether or not it would
be better to restrict the operation altogether.

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