Meeting minutes for FS and FCP-2

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Mon Dec 11 16:48:58 PST 2000

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I have uploaded draft meeting minutes for these meetings:

FC-FS working group, 12/05/00:  T11-00-731v0
T10 / T11.3 joint working group, 12/06/00:  T11-00-732v0

Please use the T10 and/or T11 reflector as appropriate to request any changes you find advisable.

I have also loaded corrected versions of the minutes for these meetings:

T10 / T11.3 joint working group, 10/04/00:  T11-00-626v1
T10 / T11.3 joint working group, 10/30/00:  T11-00-653v1

(The corrections were very minor, involving only the formatting of references to the version number of the FCP-2 document.)

   - Bob

John Lohmeyer, could you please crosspost the T10/T11.3 files to T10 for me?  Thanks!

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