Logical unit groups and optional target reset

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Mon Dec 11 11:42:06 PST 2000

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John has posted these new proposals for me to http://www.t10.org.  Both are
on the January CAP agenda.

01-015r0 Making Target Reset optional in SAM-2 

This would let new protocol standards like SRP and iSCSI drop support for
Target Reset.  Target Reset is very disruptive in a SAN environment where
different logical units on one target device are being used by different
initiators.  Logical Unit Reset is a better tool.

SRP and iSCSI drivers can map legacy Target Reset requests into Logical Unit
Resets for every logical unit the initiator is using.  This avoids
disrupting other initiators using other logical units.  Its absence from
future standards may help wean software from issuing Target Resets.

01-004r0 Logical unit groups 

This works in conjunction with 00-232r3 Asymmetric SCSI behavior (Ken Moe),
which defines "target port groups."  A logical unit group defines a set of
logical units that always maintain the same target port group states.

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