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   I went through 00-335r0 and I think I'm satisfied w/ all the changes, but the 
very last paragraph in the document seems to attribute a different reason for 
changing the words in from:
   "before receiving another SPI L_Q information unit"  to
   "before receiving another information unit"
   I don't think this is connected with streaming.  Ur wordings imply that the 
restriction "before receiving another SPI L_Q information unit" is no longer 
valid because of write streaming.  This is not true.  Even assuming that we 
don't have write streaming, the target ALWAYS sends out SPI L_Qs to the 
initiator for data transfers!  So the ONLY time the target can RECEIVE A SPI L_Q 
is when the initiator is doing commands in a DT DATA OUT phase!
   With the exception of these wordings in the last paragraph, I like the 
changes that 00-335r0 suggests we make in SPI-4.
>The document that contains the issues you brought up is now on the web
>site. It is document 00-335r0.
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