FC over SCTP/IP work within the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force)

Douglas Otis dotis at sanlight.net
Thu Aug 24 10:20:21 PDT 2000

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For those interested in an IETF compliant protocol for encapsulation of FC,
work is continued within a newly forming IETF workgroup, IPS.

The reflector for this group is
mailto:ips at ece.cmu.edu run by majordomo. Subscribe at
mailto:majordomo at ece.cmu.edu and include within the message body subscribe
The website for other documents currently being considered by this group is

Taking advantage of a newly developed protocol, this spec has been started.
It is only a very preliminary rough draft.  Inputs as to functions and
features desired is encouraged as a group effort.  Please review the
document describing SCTP at

Douglas Otis

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