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NCITS has placed a press release (written by the SSM WG) on their web site at:

For your convenience, an ASCII version is at the end of this email.  I have 
also added a link from the T10 home page to the SSM page 
(  If your organization has signal models of 
your SCSI components available that you would like to include on the SSM 
web page, please contact me.


Press Release

NCITS T10 Technical Committee announces the SCSI Signal Modeling (SSM) Project

NCITS has authorized a new project for the T10 technical committee to 
develop a technical report on SCSI signal modeling (Project 1414-DT). 
Companies producing SCSI products are invited to participate in this 
effort. The T10 committee web site has added a section for 
links to vendor models of SCSI devices, connectors, cables, ICs and 

The SCSI Signal Modeling (SSM) working group is establishing a common 
methodology for SCSI system signal modeling. Using this methodology, SCSI 
systems may be modeled and simulated accurately and consistently. This 
technical report, when complete, will establish the recommendations for the 
exchange of signal performance information between components suppliers and 
system simulators. It will define the acceptable methods for extracting the 
electrical and signal performance attributes of the constituent parts of 
the SCSI parallel interface. It will establish the acceptable methods for 
modeling these parts and a common methodology for simulating the SCSI 
physical environment.

Upon request, links will be added to the T10 web site for 
models developed in accordance with the procedures defined in the SSM 
Technical Report. For more information contact John Lohmeyer email 
lohmeyer at

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