Initial shot at SPC-2 LB Comment Resolution

Ralph Weber ralphoweber at CompuServe.COM
Fri Aug 18 12:06:32 PDT 2000

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I've found that working through the SPC-2 letter ballot
comments by clause is more comfortable.  I've worked
through everything for the front matter and clauses 1-4.
There seems to be enough grist for the mill that I
posted the results on the T10 web site as 00-267r0.

To aid in reviewing the comments resolution, 00-267r0
is full of point and whack hot spots, including the
lists of comments sorted by resolution status that
start on PDF page 6.  There also are bookmarks for the
sorted lists and comments organized by company.  Also
every reference to a comment in the text should be
a link to the comment text.

Several comments requested changes in the subclauses
the describe the CDB structure.  The changes were so
profound and in some cases so substantive that I took
another document number, 00-269r0, to layout the
resulting text.

So, the docket for the September WG includes:

As I finish clauses 5, 6 and maybe some of 7, new revisions
of 00-267 will be announced on the reflector.



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