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   I have a question on data IU exception handling:
   In (SPI4-rev0) paragraph 4 it states:
   "If the information unit that failed was not a SPI status information unit 
and the message received from the initiator was an INITIATOR DETECTED ERROR 
message then the target <SHALL> send a SPI L_Q/SPI status information unit pair 
to the initiator with a CHECK CONDITION status and a sense key set to ABORTED 
COMMAND and ..."
   Paragraph 6 of 14.1 states:
   "The initiator shall save the data pointers as soon as the last byte of the 
last iuCRC for a SPI information unit is transferred.  The save <SHALL> occur 
even if the initiator detects an error in the SPI data information unit.  If a 
target retries an operation it <SHALL> send a MODIFY DATA POINTERS message then 
request that the SPI data information unit be transferred again."
   Doesn't the first one (para 4 in say that tha target cannot retry 
the command ('coz he sent the ABORTED COMMAND sense key)?  In this case, the 
initiator would probably resend the whole command again.  But para. 6 of 14.1 
seems to imply that targets can retry the SPI data IU and mandates that the 
MODIFY DATA POINTES message be sent prior to such a retry.  These seem to 
contradict each other.  The same wordings are present in SPI-3 as well.

  Is there a bigger thing that I'm missing here?  Please let me know.

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