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>1) The TransportID uses Byte0 to identify the transport (00h=SPI, 01h=FCP)

Jim, I think the document ought to define values for all SAM-compatible 
transports that have been specified by T10.

For example, how about some value for SBP-2?

In the same vein, how is the continued registry of this field to be 
handled? If the IETF, under the work program of the IP Storage group (aka 
iSCSI) develops a SAM-compatible transport, how are they to obtain an 
Access ID value?

Last suggestion---and I admit it might betray the fact that I haven't been 
following this closely. Is the length of Access ID, one byte, cast in 
concrete? If not what about 48-bits of Access ID, split into a 24-bit OUI 
obtained from the IEEE (T10 already owns one such number) followed by a 
24-bit version whose definition is left to the owner of the OUI. This could 
get you out of the numbers registration business...

Even if my last suggestion gains no supporters, I think you need to address 
the first two concerns.


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