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At 05:20 PM 8/8/00, Scott Smyers wrote:

>I request that you reserve time on the AVWG agenda to present the results 
>of your study group meeting and to discuss the technical and standards 
>issues in general.

I had intended to present a liaison report to the Architecture working 
group at the 1394 TA meeting in Redmond. Since Architecture and AV do not 
overlap, this would permit all the interested parties to be present.

>I know there is interest in the TA in this general area (particularly the 
>isochronous part) and your study group meeting in T10 followed by a report 
>to the AVWG could spur an offline meeting in Seattle to talk about what 
>work is needed, how, when and where is the most appropriate way to get the 
>work done, and how to coordinate the possibly multiple foci of activities 
>and interests.

It would be ideal if the interested participants could come to Huntington 
Beach. I think it is very important to foster cross-fertilization of idea 
between the different user communities.

By the way, the launch of this activity as a T10 study group does not 
presuppose any conclusions as to how or where the standards work might be 
best accomplished. But, since ANSI NCITS 325-1998 (better known as SBP-2) 
is a T10 standard, this seems to me the proper place to get the ball rolling.


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