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At 10:03 AM 8/8/00, Chang, Ben wrote:

>I support adding features to SBP-2 (e.g. for scanners, etc.), but makers 
>of existing SBP-2 devices (e.g. HDD) need to understand which functions 
>are optional (for them). The clarification probably belongs in RBC or 
>other disk profile, but the distinction should be clear. I just want to 
>make sure that SBP-2 changes appropriately ripple through to RBC.

Ben, SBP-2 and RBC (reduced block commands, a command set for disk drives) 
are orthogonal to each other. SBP-2 is a transport, RBC a command set.

Proposed new features in SBP-2 (for example, isochronous) are likely to be 
optional since not all classes of device which wish to use the transport 
would necessarily need these features.


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