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Fri Aug 4 16:45:51 PDT 2000

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I have provided two documents to the T10 reflector, which I assume
John Lohmeyer will be able to get uploaded in the next few hours/days.

The first is T10/00-300r0, the interim version of the installation
record for the solution to all comments.  The interim version has all
the changes to Clause 12 and Annex D, the most difficult and contentious
portions of the standard, for your reference.  If you look for red and
blue titles, you will find all the problems I have fixed up to my
satisfaction (blue) and all the problems I have fixed up to my, but 
perhaps not your, satisfaction (red).

The second is T10/00-266r2, the actual contents of clause 12 and Annex D
for your consideration.  The change bars tell it all.  Clause 12 has
left few lines untouched, but has been faithful to the original text and
the solutions agreed upon for the comments.  Annex D has almost all the 
updates, although Carl may come through with one or two other issues 
at the meeting.

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