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>Is this "bringing" [of bidiectionality] in the form of deltas to SBP-2 or 
>in the form of deltas to 1394?

As always, trust your own conclusions first and foremost. I refer you to 
the draft of IEEE P1394.3 (there are problems with the IEEE server and I 
can't supply a URL; anyone needing a copy should contact me directly).

In my opinion, IEEE P1394.3 contains only very minor deltas to SBP-2 and 
none whatsoever to IEEE 1394. See Annex B for divergences from current ANSI 
NCITS 325-1998.

The bulk of IEEE P1394.3 requires no changes to SBP-2; it is an explanation 
of a method which may be used to enable bidirectional, peer-to-peer 
communications to SBP-2. If this problem were approached from scratch in 
SBP, we might do the same thing or we might find a superior alternative.

>Approval of letter ballot comments (if any) for the ISO/IEC version of 
>SBP-2 (currently the same as the ANS) is to be on the agenda for the 
>September T10 meeting. Should any of the p1394.3 product be considered for 
>the US comments (if any) for ISO/IEC SBP-2?

Perhaps so. I think the matters addressed in Annex B are appropriate for US 
comment on ISO/IEC SBP-2. I say this because the divergences are minor and, 
in my opinion, in no way violate any of the original goals of SBP-2.

I expect to be at the T10 plenary Thursday, September 14, and if time is 
granted on the agenda can make a brief presentation.


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