FW: Error Recovery Ladder Diagrams, FCP_2 Rev 4, for O-O-O Recovery

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Mon Apr 24 09:41:55 PDT 2000

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The Ladder diagrams have been updated to reflect the wishes of the T10/T11.3
ad hoc group.  See the pointer listed below.

The following changes were made:

1. Put SRR back in for Class 2 recovery
      D.3, D.5, D.5a, Class 2

2. D.5 Class 3,  Revert to doing REC and SRR on a closed Exchange

3. Generated two possible ways of recovering from lost ACK  to FCP_CONF,
Class 2--let's vote.         See D.?? Possibilities 1 and 2.

4. Made decision to Abort the Exchange in multiple error situations. See
D.5? and D.5 ??
     Too many corner cases
     Fear (reality?) of data integrity exposures
     Testing is bad enough for single error cases
     Questionable value

5.Added D.6a to show  another Exchange ambiguity case

6.Added text to qualify the length of time that context must be maintained
after FCP_RESP, to differentiate between Sequence level and Exchange level

7.Added that the use of REC to determine status for recovery in Class 2 is
optional in cases where it can apply.

Regards, Carl

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