Access Controls -- "Grant All" and "default LUN Map"

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Fri Apr 21 08:25:20 PDT 2000

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After discussions with a number of people, including Charles Binford,
the consensus seems to be that the request for changes to allow some
logical units to be inaccessible even in the absense of access controls
can be withdrawn (see excerpt below).

So, in the absense of any other input on this, I'm going to go back to the
old model where Grant All means just that.

Jim Hafner

Excerpts from the original posting:

>Then Charles Binford suggested that this might be too generous.
>Namely, their might be logical units which aren't accessable even in
>the absense of access controls.  So, I said that we could change the
>wording from "Grant All" to "Grant Default" or some such.

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