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Here's one which might make things a bit easier.

We're changing the model for how LUN Map conflicts (at enrollment)
are handled.  Previously, the target implemented as much of the
LUN Map as possible, put the initiator in the enrolled state but reported
RECOVERED ERROR to the initiator.  Additionally, the target logged
the actual conflict which occurred (AccessID and its LUN/Default LUN
pair and the TransportID and its LUN/Default LUN pair -- see Table 20
of 99-245r7).

The new model has the enrollment fail completely and leave the initiator
in the not-enrolled state.  In this case (and to some extent in the
version), the log need not really contain all the details.  It only really
needs to contain the AccessID and TransportID which caused the
problem. PAM can check here own database (what she believes
to be the ACL for that target and those identifiers) to look for conflicts
or she can query the target (REPORT ACL) and check to see what
the target thinks.

So, I'm (weakly) proposing that the LUN Mapping conflict portion of
the access controls log need only record the event (in the counter)
and the identifiers involved (so in particular, Table 20 of 99-245r7
need not have any of the 4 LUN fields).

What's the thinking on this one?

Jim Hafner

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