Flow Control proposal (99-142r0) and compatibility with SPI-3

Day, Brian bday at lsil.com
Mon Apr 10 10:27:57 PDT 2000

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In going through the Flow Control proposal 99-142r0, I have a question about
compatiblity with SPI-3 (rev13a)

The proposal indicates that "read streaming" is occuring where the initiator
drives the P(0) line to indicate when the transfer should stop.
This assumes that SPI data stream information units are allowed for DT DATA
IN phases.

However, section 14.3.4 of SPI-3 states:
"SPI data stream information units shall only be transferred during DT DATA
OUT phases".

This would suggest that devices adhering to SPI-3 would interpret a DT DATA
IN data stream packet as an error, and go through some type of error

The way I interpret SPI-3,  "read streaming" is not allowed.  Am I correct
in this conclusion?

Brian Day
LSI Logic
brian.day at lsil.com 
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