SPC-2 Revision 16 is available

Ralph Weber ralphoweber at CompuServe.COM
Thu Apr 6 04:05:43 PDT 2000

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SPC-2 revision 16 has been placed on the FTP site in

   < ftp://ftp.t10.org/t10/drafts/spc2/spc2r16.pdf >

Revision 16 incorporates the following T10 approved proposals:
    99-259r4 Beyond 2TBytes
    99-306r2 READ/WRITE BUFFER Behavior During Domain Validation
    00-109r3 SPC-2 Echo Buffer Size
    00-165r0 Adding Reserved Bytes to EXTENDED COPY Parameter Data

Modified the definition of the TEST NUMBER field in the self-test
results log page to allow segment number information to be included
in the TEST NUMBER value in a vendor defined manner. The modifica-
tions were agreed by the March 2000 SCSI Commands, Architecture, and
Protocols Working Group meeting (minutes in 00-156).

The March 2000 SCSI Commands, Architecture, and Protocols Working
Group meeting identified three cases where the description of the
parameter Data-In buffer says that the ALLOCATION LENGTH field
indicates how much memory has been 'reserved' for a buffer. Since
'reserved' is a keyword with a very different meaning from the intent
in these cases, it was agreed that 'reserved' should be replaced with
'allocated' in this revision of SPC-2. This editorial change has been

Added device type code for Object-based Storage Devices (OSD) in
keeping with the approval of the OSD command set project proposal by
the March 2000 T10 Plenary and prompt forwarding to NCITS (minutes in
00-157). Inclusion of OSD in the list of SCSI Family standards,
acronyms list, and version descriptor list must wait until NCITS
assigns a project number to OSD.

Changed SBC to SBC-2 and SMC to SMC-2 in table headings for ASC/ASCQ,
operation codes, log pages, mode pages, also in the device type table
for INQUIRY data and other references. Copied definition of 'sense
data' from SAM-2 because the SAM-2 definition is more complete. Also
added glossary definitions for 'additional sense code' and 'sense

Updated the operation code table in Annex C to better match the
commands used by the Optical Card device as documented in the final
review draft of the OCRW ISO/IEC standard.

In response to an e-mail message, changed 'basic task set model' to
'basic task management model' so that the SPC-2 wording matches the
SAM-2 wording. These changes are marked with change bars.

In response to e-mail messages, changed a small number of misspelled
'presistent' to 'persistent' and add a cross reference to the
autoload mode table in the sentence immediately preceding the table.
Also, made a sili usage in small caps (e.g., SILI). These
changes were not marked with a change bars.



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