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Thanks for the comment:
>Simpler is better. The new behavior is certainly in line with other SCSI
>behavior. For example, a MODE SELECT command that includes even one item
>that is "illegal" is supposed to end with CHECK status and none of the
>changes (even acceptable changes) requested in that command are accepted.

There is a subtle difference in the nature of the failure, however.
In the case of MODE SELECT, a failure of the entire command does not
deny the host use of its data, just some parameters on the "connection".
In the case of the ENROLLMENT failure, the host is denied access to
most of its data.  This is significantly more severe (it may be justified
for simplicity, consistency, etc., but that needs to be decided).

My personal opinion is that RECOVERED ERROR (as currently defined) is
reasonable (and helpful for optimum system-wide behavior).  On the other
hand, this is not a point to "go to the mat" over.

Jim Hafner

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