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> 8) Page 5, paragraph 7: What if the available space as specified by the
> ATTRIBUTE Allocation Length can not be filled  with "complete" attributes,
> i.e. a truncated attribute is needed to fill the Allocation Length?
*KW>  This is precisely my question.  If the available space does not fall
the boundary of a "complete" attribute, then should only the last complete
attribute be sent (even though the available space has not been filled) or
should the next attribute also be sent and truncated so that the exact
of bytes of available space are filled?  In other words, the Allocation
bytes or all of the available bytes of data are sent, whichever is less,
regardless of whether the last attribute is truncated.  I believe this is
way other commands such as Log Sense, Mode Sense, etc. work.

PAS>  They do, indeed.  However, for some reason, Read Element Status was
defined as sending only complete attributes, so there is precendent for Steve's
definition. and perhaps it's more on-point that Log or Mode, since we're
using element addresses here.  Certainly, it's an easier implementation
to send exactly Allocation Length number of bytes.

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