Feb 2000 WG and STA mtgs

Skip Jones sk_jones at qlc.com
Thu Oct 28 16:13:56 PDT 1999

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Good news, I guess.  The hotel had a big group cancel the week of 2/7/00,
opening up the week for us if we want it.

The minutes of the last SPI-4 meeting had an action for me to see if I could
get this week for meetings as opposed to what I had booked for the week of

I shall assume until I hear otherwise that the group wants me to secure
Wednesday and Thursday, 2/9-10, 50 people, 9-6, for the SPI-4 WG.


I have also secured space for the STA marcom meeting and annual STA meeting,
2/10 and 2/11 respectively.  Unless there are major objections, I'll assume
that this is okay.  This is in lieu of holding these meetings in January


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