Partial Medium Load for MAM Access

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Gene raises a good point.  Two things to consider:
   A new command in SPC-2/3 would use up an opcode, but those don't seem to be
   in short supply.  Or are they?
   Such a command wouldn't help out SMC, unless it were fairly complex.

Off-line, Lee Jesionowski, of IBM, made a number of suggestions:
   This might only be needed for tape devices, since the spin up/down times for
   other media are relatively short.
   An alternative to modifying CDBs would be to use Mode Select to put the
   device in a mode not to thread and then use the existing Load/Unload.  After
   reading MAMs, do another Mode Select to restore normal functioning.
   A sense key of Not Ready would be more appropriate for the proposed ASC/ASCQs
   than Unit Attention, since the primary medium is, in fact, not ready.

Comments, please.



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If it is needed in so many commands sets, why not make it just in SPC-2 or


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