T11.3/T10 Joint Activity Group Action Items -5 Oct

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October 19, 1999

As a reminder, here are the action items from the last T11.3/T10 Joint
Activity Group meeting held October 5, 1999, in Ft. Lauderdale.


Stewart Wyatt


Old Action Items

#1 Dave Baldwin, Emulex. Refer default E_D_TOV issue to FC_FS. Prefer a 2
second to 10 second for point to point connections. Deferred, as Dave was
not in attendance.

#2 Paul Suhler. Proposal to add Hold addition to load/unload command.
Updated proposal, post to reflector and continue discussion. Deferred, as
Paul was not in attendance.

#3 Dale LaFollette, write up informative annex on read errors for the FCP-2.
Dale was waiting for a template from Bob Snively before completing this

New Action Items

#1 Dave Peterson for the next revision of the SSC. Define unique for the
medium (GEM#38) and clearer statement defining sequential device positioning

#2 Group, at Bob Snively's request, review clause 11, Error Recovery
Procedure, in the latest FCP-2 draft and the review document, T10/99-247r1,
clause 3.25, Permission to do recovery, and clause 3.28, Hold exchange

#3 Bob Snively, Reinstate the requirement in the FCP-2 that targets begin
error recovery on the boundary required by the initiator. Modifications are
required in 99-247r1 clauses 3.29, remove last paragraph, and similar errors
are in clause 3.30 and 3.31. Error recovery boundary must be modulo 4
relative offset. 

#4 Bob Snively to provide process associator modification notification and
sample text. 

#5 Bob Snively make the RSP_CODE and the SCSI Status mutually exclusive.

#6 Bob Snively.  The FCP-2 shall require targets to transmit the ACC for the
SRR before transmitting any recovered data. The target shall not transmit
any additional non-recovered data after transmitting the ACC. 

#7 Group at Bob Snively's request, review the change document clause 6.3,
Incorrect use of Recovery Abort, and FCP-2 clause 11.5.1.

#8 Charles Binford Propose a new RESP_CODE 0x06: Command cleared by another
initiator. Take new status code to SAM-2

#9 Bob Snively add clearing effects of PRLI on mode pages as defined in
these minutes in agenda item 10A to the FCP-2.
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