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<<GEM #39 Gene asked for more a clearer statement defining sequential
positioning. Dave said he would try and clarify the text.>>

     Well actually I asked for "a more clear statement defining sequential

<<GEM#50 Clause Gene noticed a difference in behavior in clearing
flags internally. The difference is intentional - no change.>>

     Well actually I noticed a conflict on the requirements for clearing
flags. The response was that the conflict was allowed since the statement
here was referring to internal not external flags. I responded that I was
surprised that internal, non observable behavior would be specified. But it
seems that at least rather than no change, the clause should be changed to
clarify that internal flags are being referred to or a reference to where
it is specified that the flags are internal.

<<George Penokie expressed concern about restricting SCSI disk drives to
the 5
1/4 inch form factor. >>

     I think he actually expressed concern about "restricting SCSI disk
drives from the 5 1/4 inch form factor.

<<11.     Next Meeting Requirements: Group>>

     Should there be an entry in the minutes for this item?


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