Comment on 99-285r0 - Changes made while incorporating Logical Unit Self-tests

Ralph O. Weber ralphoweber at CompuServe.COM
Mon Oct 11 20:02:10 PDT 1999

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} I do not agree with the following change that was placed into 99-258r0. This
} only adds in another exception that I have to look for and I see no good reason
} to allow it.
} <The conditions stated in 99-179r5 for terminating other SEND DIAGNOSTICS
} <commands while a background mode self-test is in progress allowed a command with
} <the SELFTEST bit set to one to execute and prohibited SES SEND DIAGNOSTICS
} <commands (which are pretty much the only commands SES has).  This was modified
} <to prohibit SELFTEST=1 and allow the SES uses of SEND DIAGNOSTICS.

If the change is not made, all practical use of SES management functions is 
prohibited during the entire interval that the background test is running.  
If it is an extended background self test, the interval could be very long.
Virtually all SES operations are accessed using the SEND DIAGNOSTIC and RECEIVE 
DIAGNOSTIC RESULTS commands, with the management commands that require 
a Data Out phase using the SEND DIAGNOSTIC command.

In addition, access to other diagnostic page functions such as Translate
Address page would be inaccessible during a background self test.

I seriously doubt that host software can coordinate use of the background
self test with SES or Translate Address functions.  It is unlikely that
either of these functions will handle not ready conditions well.

Clearly, it is not my intention to change the committee's will in this
matter.  Given the large (presumably important) body of functions blocked
by the 99-179r5 wording, I assumed that it was simply an oversight.  The
changes will be on the agenda for the November working group meeting and
I will follow the instructions agreed to there in the next SPC-2 revision.
We also can continue this discussion on the Reflector.



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