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Do any of you attending T10 week in January want to impress neighbors, friends and relatives by mailing them letters from down under with your face on the stamp. That's right, you can become a franked face without having to be dead (one year for a President, 10 years for a citizen), not qualify as human (bird or animal), or have never existed (cartoon character). 

In Australia, where you can take a digital photo along to the local post office and order stamps of yourself in sheets of 20. The cost for these stamps is approximately twice the face value. 

Ed Gardner brought this little known fact to my attention, based on an article in the Denver Rocky Mountain News of August 29. 

If any of you are interested, let me know and I will check into this further and see what can be done about placing orders from overseas so that they would be ready for your use upon arrival. 

BTW, if you are planning to go, be sure to make your reservation this month because the room block disappears early in November (see ANN_M035.PDF for the reservation form and other information). BTW, seats to down under are getting scarce and the lowest cost choices have all but disappeared. 

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