Process Associators revisited

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Bob,  I agree with the general direction you are heading.  However, I have a
question about the mechanics of how the multiple ID's get assigned.
Specifically, when the N(L)_Port logs into the fabric the second or
subsequent time with a different WWN, how is the fabric to differentiate
between the following two cases:

1) port is a "multi-ID port" and wants another ID

2) the user merely swapped cables and this is a new port
   (note:  hubs in the path could isolate the FL_Port from seeing a "link
down" event while the user swaps cables.)

Also, it seems there needs to be an upper limit on the number of IDs a
single port can obtain.  I don't make switches, but if I did I'd certainly
want to know how to allocate the IDs up front.

It was not discussed directly, but I assume a requirement for a port wanting
to provide this functionality on a loop would be for it to acquire multiple
IDs in the appropriate LIP phase.  For example, a port may come up, LIP, and
grab an address during the LIHA phase.  Later, when the driver instructs it
to obtain its second ID the port LIPs again, grabs the original ID in the
LIPA phase, and the second ID in the LISA phase.  Am I on track with how you
see this working Bob?

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To create an alternate image for a single port, the port needs only to
perform a new login with an additional world-wide name.  After that, it
behaves exactly like any normal port and can perform the complete
FC-2 management functions and the FCP-2 initiator and/or target
just like any port, totally independent of other address identifiers that
may be defined for the same port.  This meets the desired technical
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