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John Lohmeyer lohmeyer at t10.org
Tue Nov 30 12:56:55 PST 1999

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I have received a lot of emails saying that PDF files cannot be accessed
|from ftp.t10.org.  Most often this is caused by attempts to log into the
site anonymously without using your email address as your password.  Below
is an explanation of the problem along with how to configure Netscape to
send your email address as the anonymous ftp password.  If anyone knows how
to configure Microsoft's Internet Explorer correctly, would you be so kind
as to send me the details so I can add them to this explanation?  Thanks!
-- John

   The anonymous ftp server on ftp.t10.org is configured to require
	 an email address for the password.  An access to a file from the
	 www.t10.org web pages causes an anonymous ftp transfer.  If your
	 web browser is not configured to send your email address as the
	 anonymous ftp password, then an ftp login failure occurs.

	 You can correct the configuration of your web browser by 
	 specifying your email address and enabling your web browser to
	 send it as the password for anonymous ftp.  This is accomplished
	 as follows for Netscape:  

	   Under the Edit, Preferences menu item, select the 
	   plus sign to the left of the 'Mail & Groups' 
		category.  Then select the 'Identity' category.  
		Fill in your email address (the address must 
		include an ampersand '@').
		Then select the Advanced category and check the
		box that says, "Send email address as anonymous FTP 

	 I am not familiar with other web browsers, but I expect that
	 the solution is similar.

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